What headgear is best for hot weather?

Temperatures here will soon be climbing and so am interested in knowing what you think is the best kind of headgear to save myself from sunstroke / sunburn and to avoid having to wear sunglasses which will surely be troublesome. 8-)

I mention sunstroke as I've suffered from it twice before, after just a short time in the sun (even though I've been living in Italy for 20+ years, so should be acclimatised by now).


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23 Replies

  • I have an addidas baseball style cap that is made from wicking (clima-cool as they call it) material like the running tops so it's very breathable and lightweight. It also has two mesh stripes running through the length of it too to help sweat escape. I've thrown it in the washing machine countless times and it still seems brand new too which is great!

    A light colour to reflect the sun away might be best?

  • Thanks... will look out for one tomorrow when I hit the local Decathlon store... :-)

  • I see quite a few people round here wearing Buffs (or similar) for all sorts of outdoor sport in both summer and winter. Probably still need sunglasses though.

  • Have only just discovered what a buff is (thanks DeliaItaly). Think a buff might prove to be too hot, though.

    What I'd really like is to avoid wearing the old sun glasses (as well as the sunstroke). Reckon sunglasses would be slipping on my nose all the time. 8-)

  • You can get sports sunglasses which have rubber grips over the nose, I keep meaning to order a pair (last summer my ordinary ones did indeed slip down my nose).

  • I'll do some browsing and see. Thanks.

    Funny how an apparently cheap sport is becoming just a little bit of a drain on the old finances... all these must-haves!

  • They actually make special versions for hot weather - even for military use in deserts!

    I use lightweight sports wraparound sunglasses, which work for me.

  • Will check those out. Sound cool...

    Would they look ridiculous if worn for everyday purposes, I wonder.

  • They look pretty good on the beautiful people ...


  • Decisions, decisions...

    Thanks for the link.

  • Buy a buff -- the real thing Buff (made in Spain) -- they are excellent and cost around 20 Euro -- Btw here in Northern Italy it is gorgeously warm till around noon each day but righ now it is p***ing down


  • Hi Delia. I'll look into the Buff situation, too. :-)

    Weather update:

    Yesterday was fantastic, really sunny, so went out later than normal after work (dusk). Today really grey and miserable.

    Tomorrow should be sunny again... am hoping to do my W6R3 on the flat instead of up-and-down. Have already packed my gear so I can take a detour back from Rome and go to Lake Bolsena or along the coast... Can't wait for the hotter weather so I can throw myself into the water afterwards.

  • Wow... like the look and versatility of the "summer buff" in the video:


    Definitely an option.

  • Yep I have suffered from sunstroke a couple of times too - not nice! :'( I would wear a light running cap that has a long peak though I am thinking of getting running sunglasses too - another excuse to go shopping!! ;)


  • Thanks for input. So, a long peak is key...

    Normally hate shopping, but like all things c52k, it's becoming addictive!

  • I have a Ronhill Running cap which is light weight, breathable, keeps the rain out of my eyes, also the sun. I wore it most of last summer and if the back of my neck got hot which wasn't that often as we didn't get much sun but when it did shine I turned my cap around so that the peak protected my neck. I've worn this cap on most runs since I bought it and its be worth every penny, does what it was designed for come, rain, snow, sun and when it gets wet its dry again in no time.

  • Now that's what I like to hear... all-in-one and money well spent (though the Buff still has its attractions, being so versatile, but glasses will be required). I'll see what they have in store... and online.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise, Oldgirl. :D

  • You can buy a Buff with a visor attached.

    I too have a Ron Hill running hat and it's pretty well ventilated and my head doesn't get too hot.

  • Great news about Buff+visor. Thanks. 8-)

  • Your welcome, I have to admit that the Ronhill hat was one of my more expensive pieces of gear I have bought for this running malarky, but I have never had any doubts that it was money well spent. It still looks good after many wet days, some sun (UK type) and now hot sun (Cuba type) in fact I've just looked at it to make sure and it still looks like new, would most definately recommend this cap. Happy shopping.

  • Thanks. My mother-in-law used to say "il risparmio non è mai guadagno", i.e. you get what you pay for. So true. 8-)

  • Hot weather? Concept not recognised here in UK.

    And just like if you run fast enough through the rain you don't get wet, if you run fast enough through the sun none of it will strike your head and burn you? I confess I rely on what little hair I have remaining.

  • That's the beauty of the UK... variable weather, erring on the cold side. Here when it gets hot, that's it. Stays that way for months. Very tiring and draining... plus we tend to "hibernate" in the summer (i.e. shut ourselves indoors until it gets dark and slightly cooler). Last year I actually got on a plane and flew back to the UK just to see the rain and overcast skies. Bliss!

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