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W3R1 done !!

Well I completed W2 last week, found run 2 very easy but run 3 was a little harder.

I have been unable to start week 3 at the beginning of the week, I work shifts and it isn't always easy to fit them in. Completed W3R3 today and it was HARD !!

The 90 second run was ok, but the 3 minute run was so difficult although I managed to complete both. Due to my shifts I am going to have to forego my rest day tomorrow so I'm not expecting R2 to be easy but least I can have a day off before R3.

I can see how already that when I started I would not have been able to run for 3 mins, two weeks later I managed it twice but the weeks to come still seem daunting - if I can't manage more than 3 mins now how will I run for 30mins?

Answers on a postcard please !!

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hi . i am a shift worker to and can be a bit of a struggle fitting it in . if your not ready to move on the next level why not re do the week you have done and then move on to the following week. i was just the same but you will do it have faith and believe in your self you can do it ..yes it will have its ups and downs but dont give in. ;-)


I had thought about re-doing a week but was hoping if I had to do this it would be a little later in the programme. I'll do R2 tomorrow and see how I feel, think I was probably being too hard on myself, I had 4 days off running, which I haven't had since I started and although it was hard, managed to do the run so I think I should start looking on the positive. Thanks for your comment ;-)


I did W3R2 today, it was marginally easier than R1 but then it was a lot cooler which helped. I don't think there are any answers to put on your postcard, just keep going and try to think of something else while you're waiting for Laura to come in and tell you how much longer you have to run! :-)

Maybe we'll surprise ourselves... and Laura has promised now to get us running 30 minutes...!


Its true, she has, however unbelievable it seems at the moment !! I always struggle to think of anything else while I am running but the longer I run for I will have to come up with something.

I found the same with W2, I struggled with R1 and R3 but felt I could have done R2 twice over. Well done on completing W3R2, that's great, hopefully we'll be graduates together !!


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