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First run of 5K+ WOW!!!!!

Well i bit the bullet and did my first 5K+ run last night! Aside from getting so drenched i had to wring out my underwear, i loved it!!

WOW it was hard and didn't finish (i'm only on the stepping stone!) but......... it was sooooo enjoyable! I'm not disapointed or downheartened that i didn't finish, it has made me more determined to conquor the beast lol!!!!

It's great to have the new challenge so thank you Laura and the NHS.

11 weeks ago i struggled to run for 60 seconds and the 'running' was more of a chore than a pleasure. I stuck at it and gradually it became a habit and when i could run i missed it, instead of at the beginning of the programme dreading the next days run!

So for all of you part way through or just starting the C25K good luck and well done on this new chapter in your life. Even if you have to repeat a day or two it doesn't matter, what does matter is sticking with it and having faith in yourself to achieve your goal.

:) xx

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Great stuff! I am really looking forward to getting to that point too, but I am also enjoying the journey (at the moment!).


I'm a firm believer in what I say and that is "running is your achievement and your's alone so all the credit is yours too" Don't ever under estimate your achievements even if you don't quite manage to finish a run or a work out those days happen to us all. Just get back out there. Well done shelliboots I enjoyed doing the speed workout have still to try stepping stones, hopefully this week, keep up the good work, thats what these new podcasts are all about building more strength and stamina and aiming for faster running abilities. I agree 100% well done NHS and Laura.


hay well done . i have starterd the stepping and find it a bit of a struggle to keep up the pace evan tho i have completed the whole 9 wks .but i wont give up ;-)


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