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Graduated with running my first 5k

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So I started this program exactly 9 weeks for my last podcast I ran my first 5 k in 36 minutes and 52 seconds (that's me in the middle in the pink) at the Dunedin Highland Games in Dunedin, Florida. Honestly before I started this I couldn't have run 1/2 a k. I am so impressed by the NHS for providing these podcasts, for the people on this forum for all their encouragement, stories and tips and by myself for actually doing it! for all those who think they are never going to do it I am living proof that you can! Great day :-)

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what a great picky, well done you thats a fantastic achievement :)

poppypug profile image

Congratulations to you ! You look amazing !

Well done to you , dont forget to ask for your badge :-) xxx

Dunder2004 profile image

Congratulations. Y'all look like you had a great time.

Looking great ! What a happy picture, very well done for completing the programme and happy future running. This is just the beginning !

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Congratulations! Great photo - you look deservedly proud. Now to plan all sorts of running adventures!

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Bravo! Brilliantly well done! Lovely pic too :)

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Congratulations and well done!

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Hi Artefactfinder, congratulation. I hope to reach this level in another two to three months. You will be my inspiration. I just have to do it!

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Fantastic - well done. As you say, amazing programme. I couldn't run 20 feet a few weeks ago.

Well done! That's an inspiration.

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