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A momentary lapse of reason?

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Having finished week 7 today, it occurred to me that I am now only 2 weeks (6 runs) from graduating. Since day 1, that impossible, far off dream of running for 30 minutes and graduating has been the goal. This evening, when I realised how close I now am, I felt a little sad. The journey here has been tough, with ups and downs, much like the routes I am starting to run, but it has also been inspiring and immensely satisfying. The community has been amazing, and blogging about each run has really helped me to put things in perspective and learn about myself and my health and fitness.

What will I do when the 9 weeks is up? I have an idea about how I want to progress with my running, but the thought I will no longer have such a vivid goal or reason to blog is a little scary and sad. I feel I have got to know people here a little, but if my journey is over then I will lose that contact.

Has anyone else experienced this? Am I just being a tad silly? I also realised than I will be on holiday for week 9. Whilst I'm now able to look forward to the prospect of running on unfamiliar ground, I hate the idea of being out of touch with the c25k 'world'. Blogging and using mfp to calorie count have both been essential parts of my c25k experience. Will I still feel the same about running when I've reached my goal?

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I did feel a little lost at the end but continued to do 30 min runs but 5K+ has now come out and I have started on these. There are also so many other podcasts and apps available to keep you challenged. I have also ordered myself a Garmin Forerunner 110 to keep me motivated and log my runs fed up with my smartphone not picking up a signal and letting me down.

I'm also off on holiday for two weeks planning to take my running gear but it is going to be hot so it will have to be early morning runs.

Totally understand your concerns, I think I'm going to find a bridge to 10k programme and still blog a little on here, but with a green badge ;-)

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Oh hell yeh, you'll feel the same and perhaps a tad smug when you show off your graduation badge. Remember too that there are the new Podcasts to work with which many of us didn't have until a week ago, we also have a blog area on the site for graduates to post too so there will be no need to feel lost and alone as far as your running experiences and achievements are concerned. Wishing you all the best for your last 2 weeks and your graduation run. :)

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Totally agree. I was putting off my graduation run because I didn't want this to finish!

The new Podcasts are a great addition but I've found them quite a step up from graduation.

I'd also recommend seeing if there's a Parkrun near you - 5k runs every Saturday. parkrun.org.uk/home

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I've read that c25k+ is pretty fast for snails like me ;) so I plan to do a bit of interval slow/fast running interspersed with the long runs. Running for 30 mins+ is what I set out to do, just a little faster than I am now. I'm not competitive and I need to keep my running low impact, so I'm never going to be fast, but it would be quite nice to be able to cover 5k in close to 30 mins. I'm planning to go to my first parkrun this week and see how long I can keep going for.

It's not so much the question of what I'll do after graduating, as how I'll keep doing it. I'm now sure how to explain, but as you say, I sort of feel that I don't want c25k to finish! I had hoped there was going to be a Bridge to 10k programme (I'm sure that's what I read on here), as speed really isn't important/relevant to me.

I guess what I'm feeling is that I won't be sharing my experiences with contemparies going through the same process as me any more, and that's what I'll miss.

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runaway in reply to Legion

I feel exactly the same, its been great to know that what I'm suffering others ave suffered befor me and its an immense support, I have signed up for parkruns and I know I will be slow but I'm hoping that by running with others I will speed up a bit over time and I have contacted the local running club who have a short distance group!

Just keep on running youve got this far....

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We'll all still be here and feeling the same as you, I'm sure. I know the community has helped me get this far with the programme: Laura's lovely and the programme is extremely well-devised, but it's the doubts and struggles, and also the "What a feeling!" and incremental achievements that we share here that give such human support (odd that, when we are only connected by the internet). C25K is an amazing phenomenon. I wish more people knew about it. I am hoping my husband is going to take C25K up and (if he does) I will do some of the early weeks with him to get him started.

It's very encouraging to see those shiny little green badges appearing by more and more people's names here as you have seen them go through the programme with the same kinds of feelings as some of us.

Meanwhile I am flipping' struggling with week 7! and no doubt with be battling to do weeks 8 and 9!

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The solution perhaps? strengthandflex.healthunloc...

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