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Newbie - Excited and proud already

After months of being lazy and doing very little exercise, being overweight and hating how I look, the Olympics has given me the inspiration and motivation to do something about it. A friend said she had heard of this programme and I decided to look it up. I downloaded the podcasts to my iphone and began this week. I have completed the first two runs of Week 1 and although they have been extremely hard work and I have returned to the house bright red and dripping with sweat, I have done it and am so proud of myself. I've always hated running and never thought it was something I could do. Although I still cannot imagine myself running several minutes straight, I have to admit even the second run was very very slightly better than the first so I can see the bigger picture and that as I get fitter, it will get easier. I am scared about various things - whether I can stick to it, whether I can fit the runs in when I go back to work (I am a trainee teacher and am on school holidays at the moment with much more free time than usual) and whether I will drop dead once I start running more than a minute at a time. But despite those things, I'm prepared and determined to see it through. The only people that know I'm doing the programme are my son and my best friend. I don't want to tell too many people as they'll just assume I'll fail and won't see it through. I want to tell them after I've done and see their faces!!!

I look forward to keeping up to date with others in the same position who are just starting out and those who are further down the line (I may need encouragement in the future). Good luck to everyone and here's to fitter, healthier, thinner us

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Ive just started the programme today as Im following Weight Watchers and lots of fellow WW are following the programme. So wk 1 run 1 and it wasnt as bad as I expected. Like you I have been thinking about the future runs but will deal with that when the time comes. Good luck with the rest of the programme


Do what Laura said and you will fine, I am W7 come Wednesday.


Welcome you will be fine, trust the program take it nice and slow and you will succeed. its surprising how each run is easier than the previous one. By the time you go back to school you will be addicted to the program so you will be amazed how you will find the time to run. Good luck ;)


Hi, I started the programme last night, wk1r1 completed! I also came home bright red and running with sweat. But I was really pleased with myself as I have never done any running before. My 16 yr daughter is my running partner and she was a fantastic support. I am not telling many people until I feel more confident in my abilities! Good luck!


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