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The gremlins are out already


I've done a 3-week PRE-C25K programme, because at first I found W1 of C25K just too hard, and today in my fourth week have finally managed my W1R3 ... hard going but I made it! The gremlins are now out already, busy telling me that there's no way I am going to be able to run for a full 90 seconds at a time on Monday ... let alone more than once! I'm now determined though, so I'll share next week just how many of those gremlins I can trample over. Thanks to everyone for support and encouragement. I for one wouldn't have had the determination even to get this far on my own.

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Well done for sticking at it... the trick is, as you say.. SQUISH those pesky little blighters... every slow and steady step you take... !!

You can do this.. I will be watching for your post...:)


Well done, I too found the first week too hard, but stuck at it and got there as well! Keep going, the next two weeks weren't as hard for me as I thought they were going to be. Kick the gremlins to the curb!


Well first of all well done for not giving up at the first hurdle and for finding a way round with the pre C25k training. That ought to have given you a solid basis for starting the programme and you've already succeeded at W1. W1 is the building block for W2 so therefore you ought to be able to do that too. W1 IS really hard but it sounds like you've got a good attitude so go for it on W2 (slowly !!) Good luck.


Thanks everyone ... I'll report back next week. Scary thing was that when I was due to do my W1R2 last Thursday I was procrastinating, trying to put it off ... went into a local supermarket and the music in the background was one of my pre-C25K running tracks ....


Good for you, well done! Getting started is really hard. The addiction kicks in fairly quickly, watch out :-D Keep going, happy running :-)


Yes! Trample over those pesky gremlins, you can do it! Take it steady, and think of how good you are going to feel when you have completed your next run! :)

You can do it davidhwynn.. Don't listen to those gremlins you can do 90 seconds and there are LESS runs this time too..😊. Take each run slowly, head up, shoulders down no clenching of those fists except to swipe the gremlins out of your way.

Good luck.


Wow! Well done - that's great that you beat the gremlins and did Week1. Now you just need to keep them well flattened and you'll be enjoying week 2. Looking forward to hearing about it.


You just give those a gremlins a talking to, including that it's not a discussion & they have no say, nor does their opinion count.

Dress them up, give them a squeaky voice & send them on of a long walk of a short pier! (And then you get your running shoes on & get out & enjoy wk2 - it's great!)

Best way to silence them is just to get going & show them they are wrong!


Well done on week 1. You're not alone in finding it very challenging, but do keep on beating those gremlins, it sounds as though you have the determination to do just that! Trust the programme, each week filled me with fear of the jump in running time, but somehow it works! Slow and steady and then slower still! Good luck and look forward to hearing how you got on!

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