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Psyching up to week 5 run 3

Just back from run 2 which was hard! Week 4 and run 1 of week 5 had been suspiciously comfortable. Admittedly I've done this week's run 1 & 2 back to back in order to have a rest day tomorrow before THE BIG ONE (I go away on Thursday afternoon) but it's hard to imagine doing 20 minutes straight.

Started to get the beginnings of a stitch but did the belly breathing and took some water during the walk and managed to cut it off at the pass. The second 8 minutes I found wearing. My breathing was more laboured than it had been yesterday (when I forgot my inhaler...again). Laura told me I had just 60 seconds to go and it was every bit as long as the week 1 60 seconds had felt. I had to keep going in order not to fail in my new fancy pants (see previous post ;) )

Any advice for Thursday? I get the feeling this will be about getting the mindset right as much as the physical aspect.

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do it, do it, do it!!

W5R3 is a great big milestone in your training - one to be conquered not feared , you've done so well to get to this point. This one is about training your brain to run for 20 mins without a break, your body can do it - you've done the work (and got some fancy pants to show off!!)!

I won't lie... its not easy but it is doable, it feels great when you get to the end. Slow it down a bit, that way you can do the distance but if you have anything left you can speed up at the end.

Good luck!


You can do it, it is definitely mind over matter.

And slow down, far more important to finish than go too fast. Good look you'll do grand :-)


Thanks...feeling really zapped today, must be this awful weather. Will get a good rest for tomorrow and the take it nice and easy.


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