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What's the crack with slugs?

Week 3 run 1

After a few weeks off & full of inspiration following the Olympics I put on my running shoes & off I went. Week 3! 90 seconds & then 3 whole minutes of running, watch out Team GB here I come.

The first 90 seconds went like a dream, then came the 3 minutes, I was on fire, it can't be this easy I said to myself. Then a 3 minute break, I felt I could run another 3 minutes but I kept calm and walked briskly thinking it's just 90 seconds next. " your half way there now" Laura said & I felt good. I set off for the next 90 seconds then remembered I've been smoking 20 a day for nearly 25 years, it was the sharp pain in my chest that reminded me. All of a sudden 90 seconds rest before another 3 minute stint seemed like not nearly long enough. I thought Mo Farah, Jess Ennis, Chris Hoy, I can do this, I dug in kept going waiting for Laura to tell me I had finished. Then WTF! Slugs! F*$#ing loads of em, I found myself tip toeing the last 30 seconds trying not to squish the little bastards. My moment of triumph overshadowed when I looked up red faced, out of breath & realised I had an audience. Two little old ladies, no doubt wondering why I was dancing like a demented ballerina. I could do no more than blurt out, "SLUGS!!!!!" Which I think only made them more confused with my behaviour.

Anyway, I did it, I'll have another go on Wednesday.

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I sympathise with the slug problem. I've got a bit of a phobia about them. One evening, 15+ years ago (I know it was that long as I was pregnant with my one and only son!) I went for a walk to my friend's house, about a mile away. I'd never seen so many slugs ! I was particularly un-nimble and enormous at the time but I had to move quite deftly to avoid the slimy little b**gers. I'd have turned round and gone home but hundreds of them had appeared behind me too !

I still have nightmares about it now !

Well done, I bet those Olympians didn't have slugs to contend with..........


Phew! Glad I'm not the only one who's slugophobic!!!! (Actually, I'm better than a few years ago, but still hate the slimy little buggers with a vengance)


Funny story, but have you seen what footballers get up to on the side of the pitch when they are warming up? Next time pass your dance off as a warm up technique!


There are an extremely large amount of slugs around this year, I see loads when I walk my dog in the fields. But they have been coming into the house too, leaving their silver trails all over my hall way, I think I've solved this problem, yesterday I sprinkled a line of salt along the front of the house, and this morning there were no silver trails. Luckily I've not encountered any on a run yet, although the thought of slipping on one is a little scary.


After it's rained, I jump slugs. In the dusk, I fall over baby rabbits. Under the trees, I eat flies.

Laura never mentions wildlife!


well I think they have been specially created to come out onto pavements when they are especially slippery after the rain to give us runners some extra traction!

It is natures injury prevention invention - ain't evolution marvelous.



My MIL was telling me that at one village show this year they had a 'biggest slug' category as so many people had had all their produce eaten by them! I'm sure there are a few potential prize winners around here :-)


Ugh! Slugs. Every morning I have to remove several from my path. They have killed my garden this year. I want to say, as a gardener, feel free to tread on the horrible things but that might make me sound cruel!


They're horrible. Ugh


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