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Should I eat more on the days I run?

I have just started a healthy eating plan and am eating around 1800 calories a day. I have a fast metabolism so this is enough for me to loose weight however should I eat more on the days I run, i.e. eat the equivalent of what I burn? I want to do this sensibly and I am not crash dieting etc. I want to eat the right amount of food to allow me to loose weight but also be able to run.

I have felt dizzy about 20 minutes in on two of the runs I did last week but then ran today after eating a full 2000 calories the day before and I felt fine.

Would eating less create the dizzy feeling?

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Under-fueling can cause dizziness, try eating something carb biased about an hour before you run, 200 - 300 calories should do it. I think it's more about manageing peaks and troughs than your daily intake when it comes to how you feel on a run.


i think you have to listern to your body. recommended daily calorie intakes vary depending on activity levels. 1800 calories may be ok if youre less active. try to think about what you eat over a week more than each seperate day. sounds good advice too from pp about the carbs before running. also make sure youre getting enough fluids


Its very difficult to say if 1800 cals is enough because your height and age should be taken into account also how active you are during the day (work wise). I find days when I run I don't feel nearly so hungry but the following day I could eat for Scotland, this balances its self out over the week though. I have lost 2.5 stone over the last year very gradually 1-1.5lbs per week and reached my target weight 2 weeks ago. My problem now will be keeping to that weight.

Listen to your body, have a banana 1 hour before you go for a run if you haven't eaten for a good while but also remember to hydrate yourself cos dehydration will also cause you to feel dizzy.


I can eat nothing and drink nothing for 24 hours, it doesnt seem to make a difference for running, for me, but then i am not exactly an endurance runner. It doesnt seem harder or easier whether i eat or drink.


I too am dieting and I generally have a banana just before a run. Running hungry is never a good combination in my book.


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