Week 1 Run 2 - Hot, hot, hot!

Ran down the coastal path last night - it was 22 degrees at 7:30pm and hot, hot, hot!!

Tried running a little faster this time and it was good and hard going.

However at the end of walk segment 7 I wasn't ready for run segment 8 - still 'out of puff!' - but I did it!!!

Felt great afterwards.

Fell asleep last night refreshingly tired if that makes sense!

Off again tomorrow morning.

2 Replies

  • Keep up! I was doing the same , I wanted to go faster but I notice it's better to be steady in the effort so you can go on the whole program. I am now at week 2 training 3 and it goes better and better each time. The secret... keep it steady... later on you will be able to increase speed.

    Good luck with your training!

  • Thanks for advice

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