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Week 8 R1 - I'm back!

Well, after a brilliant holiday in the South of France involving beaucoup de wine from the caves, daily eclairs and many many other indulgences and only 1 20-minute run in three weeks, I am back!

I should have been on Week 7 r3 but thought I should do a couple of 25-minutes before going up to 28. I struggled through them, beetroot-faced and panting, this is the norm for me! Yesterday I wasn't sure if I could manage 28 minutes for the first run of Week 8, but I did it, chased by horseflies which at least convinced me not to stop, but the best thing was I managed to speed up at the end and do 28 minutes! 28.46 to be exact because I added on a bit when I had to stop at the side of the road for a marauding tractor.

I am still snail-like though, my speed at the end probably went up to slug, but I am pleased :)

So take heart, if you are struggling, and just keep plodding on ... I never ever thought I would be able to run for more than a few minutes, but here I am and you can be there too! Bonne chance et bon courage! :))

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Lovely blog, made me smile as I can identify with the slug's pace thing, also the beetroot face and gasping for breath. I AM struggling at the moment (haven't had a good run all week 7) but your story gave me heart.

Absolutely brilliant that you managed the 28minute run, I am so impressed. Actually by now you're probably near graduating, as I've just noticed your blog was from a week ago. Bonne chance! Keep in touch.


Thank you Soozz! I was on a bit of a high when I wrote that, but failed run 2 - just stopped at 16:50 - don't know why, I was struggling - but I always struggle! Haven't tried it again yet, too busy over-indulging on a grand scale in my last few days of freedom from the prison that is work! Was discouraged, but will probably try and complete week 8 next week.

Ha, I know - the beetroot face - my 'shuffles' take place in a very secluded place, but I still always manage to meet someone else walking or running and they never have a beetroot face, don't know how they manage it - I can get a sweat on doing a bit of light hoovering! :)

Good luck with completing week 7, you will get through it and onto week 8, that could be your week! It is easy to be a bit discouraged but we just need to think of when we could only run for a couple of minutes. Bon courage! :)


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