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Ive just finished R3W2 and have been having really bad headaches after running, which have been lasting over a day. I run in the morning, straight after rising and eat and drink when I return. I haven't been taking a drink with me as I havent felt the need for it. I take a high level of pain killer for an unrelated condition so cannot take additional ibuprofen or paracetamol. Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?

I'm going to buy some running shoes this weekend. I've been running in some walking trainers or cross trainers and have noticed definite knee pain when I wear the cross trainers. I'm loving this program and have also added aqua aerobics to my training!!

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Sorry to read about your headaches, I presume you haven't really had them before & it is purely related to the exercise. I get migraines & have had quite a few recently but in my case this is was a part of my life long before c25k (in my case hot weather/bright sunlight can be a trigger so I wear sunglasses when I run).

I would definitely take a drink with you even if you don't feel thirsty and also make sure you have a good drink of water & small snack before you go (I have half a banana) to keep you hydrated & your blood sugar level even.

If it persists then I would see your GP, there may be other medication suitable and it might be a good idea just to get a check up anyway. Hope it sorts itself soon and you continue to enjoy the programme.


Hi Caroline,

7 or 8 hours of sleep is a long time to be without water and so when we wake we need to rehydrate, whether we feel thirsty or not. Headaches are a symptom of dehydration. I usually have a pint of warm water first thing, but as I was starting my first session today I only had half a pint so that it wouldn't be sloshing around uncomfortably! I then had another half pint when I got back. I didn't feel the need to drink whilst I was out for the 30 mins, but you might want to take some with you just in case as notbad advised above.

I'm also going to get some running trainers, as I am using my walking trainers too!

Good luck!



I had headache too which fortunately eventually disappeared.

If you are not used to run ( or intensive exercise) you may encounter some small healthy related problems: I got headache, sore nipples and vertigos, however 3 months down the line I can say I am now OK and all those small problems have disappeared.


Thanks everyone. I will increase my fluid intake, eat half a banana and see if that helps. I do suffer with migraine, but not frequently. I still have the headache that started after yesterday's run despite pain killers. I start Week 3 on Monday - wish me luck :-)


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