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Week 7 done!

Well off I went this morning for my 25 minute run, which is along the promenade near home to a half way point 12 1/2 mins and back, but on a few occasions I had to run through midges - hand over my mouth, wafting my other hand, dignified like :-)

So when I got to my turn around point I didn't feel like running back the route I've done 26 times -because of the midges-and also if i'm honest I wanted to see how far off the 2.5k turnaround point would be (I've seen what it looks like on satelittle maps, but not up close and personal), so I carried on and then turned off and ran back through the streets instead of along to prom, through the streets of houses, towards town and back home, but I knew that I would have to do a longer cool down walk than normal due to the last minute changes.

Another niggling doubt, I wonder if I'll be able to step this up to 28 minutes next week, so I decided to just run (run Forest run) until i thought i'd be about 5mins from home and I had run for 31mins and 4.8k (just used a map ap to draw and measure).

So chuffed and now know to just take it steady and I can do the next two weeks.

Also it has helped to drop Laura (sorry Laura you got me to week 6, now I need to do this last chapter on my own, with my own music for the sake of my sanity) and have bought some music that is the right beat for running and it is really helping with the pacing.

See you all soon and don't forget WE CAN DO THIS :-)

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Well done Phil that's great going, agree about going it alone at this stage - there's only so much cheesy music I can take. :-)


Congratulations, Phil, and on to Week 8! Perhaps there is a bit of protein in those midges though :)


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