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Stepping stone - sweatathon

I graduated a few weeks ago and have been increasing the length of time I was running - was up to 42 mins and feeling very pleased with myself. I thought the Stepping Stone 30 min run would be a doddle. Naturally I was wrong. Have just done it for the second time this week and am absolutely purple and sweating profusely. I have done all my sums (i keep a geeky yet proud chart) and my average pace is faster than ever before which I am so pleased about! Really want to get to 5k in 30 mins but half my run is uphill so have a bit more work to do! What does everyone think of Stepping Stone?

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Yes I blogged about this yesterday, pace seemed really fast, thought I needed 4 legs instead of two (horse galloping came to mind). Couldn't keep up with it but found my own level of keeping up for a short while then dropping back to my normal slow pace, then upping it again each time Laura spoke. Will take a while to complete it properly but you have done really well.

You should apply for your graduation badge against your name. Well done.


I struggled with this, too and had to stop 5 minutes before the end when Laura put the pace up for the third time! I'm going to continue alternating 5k+ podcasts with re-doing c25k running at my usual speed for the walking intervals and speeding up for the running parts so I hope that in another 9 weeks I'll be running at a continuous, respectable pace. We'll see :)


Yes, I think that I will do the stepping stones twice a week until I can cope with the pace and do my third run at my sloth pace - so I can run a bit further! I too suddenly became really conscious of my galloping feet! Not quite sure I was getting the 1234 beat quite right. I would actually like Laura to repeat more often!


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