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Delayed Graduation post amongst other things!!

So it's a day later than I expected to post given the blogs were down yesterday (and still seem to be a bit wonky), but now I am posting and my badge is next to my name!! Woohoo...

To say I am pleased with myself is a little understated. What I am also pleased with is the fact that in the final week, with each run I pushed myself further. I was able to build speed each time and ended my final run on my personal best. I learned a few things along the way; how to increase my stride and how to give a little more propulsion.

In anticipation of graduating, I created a playlist and had it eagerly waiting to try after graduation. However, I decided to give it a go on my last run. A couple of things happened, the run didn't seem as long, my speed increased and yet I didn't seem as tired. I honestly have to say I missed Laura telling me how many minutes in I was though. But I loved listening to my own style of music. To add to the greatness of my final run, in the foreground I had the men's triathlon on the TV.. and I was running with men on the last leg of their journey... it was so inspiring.

Thanks NHS for getting me running. Thanks for all the words of encouragement along the way fellow C25Kers, I honestly would have given up this journey without the shared triumphs and struggles this community offers.

Now onto my next leg in the journey... increasing speed, getting to complete 5K, signing up for my first race and venturing into the great outdoors for my runs. I am slightly concerned that I am going on holidays in two days and worried about my level of commitment, given I am a closet runner with no access to a treadmill :o

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congratulations runcanada! If you walk at Laura's speed during your holiday and perhaps put some hills into your holiday programme you'll maintain fitness and be able to follow on when your break is over. Good to hear you plan to go further. Enjoy your holiday and your running! :)


WOOOOO congratulations!! Don't those green badges look great :D


Congratulations runcanada, be proud, very very proud. I know we couldn't perhaps have done this without NHS C25K but the thing I feel about running is 'Its all down to you' when I walk out of the door and take that first running stride I say to myself "Go OldGirl, go, lets see what I can do today"! And do you know what, whenever I get back home I think well thats something I never thought I'd be able to do a year ago. I couldn't even run 100yds to catch a bus!! Now I can run nearly 8K, So to you I say, well done, you have every right to feel proud and happy and whats more important healthier too. Keep up the good work, and enjoy it after all its giving you a better quality of life so what more could you wish for. :)


Well done on graduating. :) Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your greater fitness by walking or doing anything else active that's available. I found having an extra days rest from running and just having fun (playing tennis, badly!) was a great tonic.


Congratulations and well done! Your level of commitment must be good or you would not have that green badge next to your name. :D

Go and enjoy your holiday and keep us informed on your journey to your goals when you get back.


Congratulations and well done. Onwards and upwards from here. I found the triathlon inspirational too! Tho it is far too tempting to sit watching other people do sport at the Olympics when it would be much better for me to get out and do some myself! :-)


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