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All is not lost :D

I have damaged my hamstring, running on it is useless, and I thought I'd have to start again once I'd recovered :(

Well my doctor suggested my cross trainer with no resistance, with my knee and thigh in a strap I managed 30 minutes (12.02k distance) My leg is niggling abit but am hoping if I can even do this once a week it might help me keep my fitness up a bit? Instead of dropping right back....

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It will. This is what I've been doing (also a stepper and swimming) and it seems to have helped a lot with keeping fitness levels up, perhaps try at least a couple of sessions though.

I'm sorry to hear about your hamstring; did the doctor suggest how long it will be before it's ok to run?


Thank you! So glad to hear that, I am hoping to fit 2/3 in if I can :) Just don't want to over do it and damage myself more. The doctor couldn't really help with that, she said until it doesn't hurt to go up and down the stairs! I'll give 3 weeks and I might try a light jog to see how it feels :) But thank you again, was worried with the next to no resistance it wouldn't really help. :)


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