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50 shades of purple

I've just done the second run of week 2.

Very, very proud of myself BUT breathless and purple especially on first and second to last 90 second jogs! Anyone else experience this? I can't breathe like Laura tells me to. I'm not exactly walking briskly between jogs either -- only the first 5 minutes are truly "brisk". Any advice? Banana and water excellent post-run pick-me-ups.

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Well done on completing the week !

I could never get to grips with breathing the way Laura said but I was suffering from sinusitis during most of the program so I just breathed as best I could. Now I'm doing longer runs, I've had to pay more attention to the way I breath and it does help a lot. When you breath in push your belly out, then as you exhale, squeeze your tummy in to help expel the air. Depending on my speed (ie which degree of slowness!) I count with my steps to get in a rhythm - I started off with 1-2-3-4 but found 1-2-3 more comfortable. I still sometimes lose the rhythm and have to slow right down to get on track, so to speak, but it is starting to come more naturally. It is worth persevering with, you might find it helps to try and maintain the breathing technique during the walk breaks too.

I would slow down your first walk so you can try and maintain a steady pace on all the walk breaks - you will find that your walk pace naturally picks up over the weeks, but you may need to slow it down when you have the slightly longer runs. This program is very good at teaching you to pace yourself so that you can be sure of completing each run.

Bananas are great pre and post run - apparently research has shown that they are every bit as good as so-called sports drinks. And they taste better and aren't so overpriced :-)


I wouldn't worry about the breathing thing, I don't think a lot of people manage it and forcing yourself to breathe in an unnatural way will just leave you more exhausted. Just go slow and breathe in whatever way feels comfortable. (Funnily enough, I realised on my run yesterday that I was actually breathing the "Laura Way", so must have just learned it over time, without even trying)


the breathing never fell into place until I reached week 4 or 5 so please dont worry too much about that. Its such a shame that I had to reach 42 before I could learn to run & breathe at the same time & Im sure Im not the only c25ker who has only just learnt to master this skill :)

but dont worry, once you master that skill (& you WILL) you will move on to running, breathing & drinking at the same time. & then comes talking whilst running... but I still havent mastered that one.

as for the shades of purple. Im about 18months into running & still end up a bright shade of red on my face/chest/arms & this, along with the melting sweaty face, can stay around for an hour afterwards. & I normally just run 30mins.

you will get there & Im sure you will be amazed at how quickly your body adjusts & recovers after each interval run.

good luck x


Thanks for the encouragement. This blog is great. Thanks. Fingers crossed for W2R3 tomorrow!


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