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w3r2 - 50 shades of rain, and who the hell is Cooper?

Just back from a very wet and windy run. During the 30 odd minutes, I experienced just about every form of precipitation there is. But, this new me laughs in the face of weather and presses on regardless. Luckily I had the foresight to get nivea'd up and apply chapstick or lord knows what state my skin would get in! Again, no problems with the run so it's all good. Endomondo said I had a new pb Cooper. I dont know what that means or who the heck Cooper is but I suppose it must mean I did better than last time. Also, speaking of 50 shades, I find that I am getting a weird sort of smug pleasure from that burny sort of sting you get on your legs, when you come in from the extreme cold. Bizarre!

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Well done on your run, rfawag!! Isn't the personal satisfaction that comes along with that burning sting a pretty amazing feeling?? :-)

Gayle and I also use Endomondo and spent some time this weekend trying to figure out who the bloomin' 'eck (I learned that from our prior English lesson!! :-) ) Cooper was!! Here is what I found on the internet...

"The *Cooper test* is a test of physical fitness. It was designed by Kenneth H. Cooper

 in 1968 for US military use. In the original form, the point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. The test is meant to measure the condition of the person taking it and therefore it is supposed to be run at a steady pace instead of sprints and fast running. The outcome is based on the distance the test person ran, their age and their sex."

Long story, is how far you can run in 12 minutes.

Keep Running!! :-)



haha! 50 shades.. burning sting! That made me chuckle!

I know what you mean though, I like that feeling too. Glad the run went well :)


ha ha ha!! brilliant rfawag!!

all oiled up and ready to go!!

i thought about putting a bit of menthol rub on the outside of my aldi jacket to help my breathing the other day. But then I thought that people my just think its snot so decided against it! the things we do.

how do you get burny stings on your legs? do you run with flesh showing? now THAT'S a seasoned runner!! :-)

keep on runningx


Bare flesh, not flaming likely!! It's a good thing I'm not a brass monkey if you get my drift. No, it's the vasodilation that gives the burny sting. When you are out in the cold your blood vessels constrict, to keep as much warmth directed at your organs as possible. Then, as soon as you come indoors, they all dilate again and let all the warmth surge towards your skin/extremities. So your super chilled backside ends up feeling like it's done 10 rounds with Christian Gray. But I kind of like that........


whoah there rfawag!! 1) that's super informative! but 2) im a little worried you're doing more outside than just this program ..... :-)


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