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week 3 done...... did I just say that !!! :o)

It only seems like 2 minutes ago I was sat on my settee arguing with that little voice in my head that was determined I was wasting my time.... I can't run, I won't even manage 30 seconds never mind 60 seconds.

I'm so glad I won the arguement, I made myself go out and run in public for the 1st time since school. I ignored the morons on my first run who decided to hurl abuse and stupid comments at me and kept going regardless, and it feels GREAT !!!!!!

Now I've just finished week 3 and I'm actually looking forward to starting week 4 later this week. I know it won't be easy from here on in and I'm going to have days where I feel like giving up but I've already acheived more than I thought was possible and I can't wait to see just what I'm actually capable of.

Thankyou to everyone on here for giving me the motivation to go for it and the belief that I will do this and good luck to everyone else who is on this journey.

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Well done! It's a fantastic programme isn't it?


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