Rio 2016 here I come!

I started my run today not feeling great, so decided just to keep it steady and complete 30 mins rather than try to speed up at all. Now I live in an area which does not have a great 3 G reception so my distances recorded are not always very accurate. Anyway I knew I'd run slowly so wasn't expecting my recorded distance to be very good, so imagine my surprise when I looked at my running app to see I'd run 491 km!!!! At nearly 1000 km per hour Rio here I come. Now my only decision is shall I compete against Mo in the 10 k or Hussein Bolt, who obviously will be left standing.

2 Replies

  • Just enter every single event - with that mileage, you've got plenty of room to do the marathon as well! ;-)

  • Lol. Awesome time and distance... C25k is a miracle worker!

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