I love coming on here !

Hi Everyone, I have been watching this site for some time and I love coming on here, it is so inspirational. I have been looking at C25k for months now and guess what --- just finished W1R3 and so excited and looking forward to more progress. I just have 1 question Who is Laura? I keep reading things like trust in Laura! I am guessing she is a voice on the IPhone. I only have an automated American lady who keeps telling me lots of numbers. I wonder if I have the wrong app, I am not very 'IT' in fact I only have 1 app and its the American lady. Laura sounds better!

Don't be fooled by the 'beanpole' it was supposed to be ironic

many thanks


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  • Laura is the voice on the NHS Couch to 5K podcasts which are the basis of this version of C25K plan and on which this support forum is based.

    The NHS programme is also available as an app now too, but from what I've heard, the app is not too reliable, so I'd recommend podcasts and an mp3 player.

    As well as telling you when to stop and start, Laura offers tips and advice during the music.


  • Many thanks, I think by the end of the day I will have my 2nd app

  • Oh do get the correct podcast. You'll be ever so glad you did! It's just the best thing, ever. We are all Graduates of Laura's. She's the bees knees. You can download the nine weeks of podcasts from this site and load them up on to an mp3 players. I think folks find it's more reliable that a phone app

  • Rest assured I will be downloading this, I think I went wrong as a result of bad eyesight and fat thumbs on top of being rubbish at IT --- work IT has people that fix things on my phone its down to me so hence the wrong app.

    I am now going to skip going to the canteen and get this sorted

    Many thanks

  • It is better than the American app. I'm doing this the second time around with the podcasts and Laura has been my running guardian angel. I've never run as well as I do now, and it's because of Laura and her tips and advice. I actually feel like I've accomplished a lot more with her than the lousy American app.

  • Welcome to the forum, it really is a great supportive club. I agree with the above the NHS C25K podcasts are the way to go, you will love Laura....and sometimes hate her!! Good luck.

  • Laura drip feeds you bits of info about running a little bit at a time on each run so you don't feel overloaded. She will be with you every second of the way so you never feel on your own. The music is pretty kerapp but if you can cope with that then the running is a doddle. LOL I think the music is more a test of resolve than the running.

    Do it tonight if you have the podcasts sorted as it only takes a short time. It will be over before you know it

  • Welcome aboard and congratulations on completing w1. Good luck with your c25k :)

  • Laura is lovely ! The NHS is great in respect of the podcasts ! Get the NHS choices C25K podcasts.

  • Laura and this great forum will get you through it. Laura will be with you during the run, and we're all here before and after, so you've got loads of support.

    Welcome and good luck - and enjoy :-) :-)

  • Laura is the narrator on the NHS couch to 5k free podcasts! She guides you thru the programme and hands out tips on improving your technique. She is very encouraging and generally sounds nice (apart from when she tells you that you are half way through something, which is s'posed to be encouraging, but is torture if you feel like you cannot do another step, let alone the same again!). You can see a video featuring Laura on the nhs website. Unfortunately her choice in music is questionable and by the time you get to day 3 it can be a bit irritating...Good luck!

  • Thank you all so much for your support, I have now got 'Laura' and we have a date for first thing in the morning when she will be helping me face W2R1, I have decided that if I get to the end of next week and still on track I will allow my self to call myself a runner (but only in my own head when thinking). I had some real problems getting the thing to download as I had previously done something to my phone which was stopping the download but in the end my wife intervened and became the adult and stopped my tears. Apparently I need to "grow up and learn some patients".... I believe that statement is what passes for IT training in our house, its no wonder I have problems ........ only saying!!!!

  • Yep. You gotta have Laura. I wonder if she feels weird about being famous now. We all have a little idea of this disembodied Laura floating around beside us as we run, cheerleading for us.

  • I did C25k without this forum OR Laura. I'm delighted for you that you now have both. Go for it!

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