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I'm Back!!

Well here I am again after a lengthy time away due to an injured knee (not due to running I may add). I started tentatively on week 6 run 1 to feel the the water and guess what??? I smashed it! Just goes to show that even with a time away we are fitter and able to run again. I have been busy and have lost another stone (total 13 stone lost now) and am very happy to be back. Xxxx. How are everyone?

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13 stone! You've lost an entire person! Glad to hear you're back into running and not finding it too difficult. What other exercise do you do?


Fantastic achievement! Well done :-)


Hi There Rose885 and Benmum, I also play badminton with my teenagers and power walk with my dog. I work with preschoolers so I am always on the go!! As you can imagine. We live in a Wiltshire village so lots of green walks to discover! it has been a voyage of discovery for me over the last 3 years, lots of hard work but NO diet, just healthy eating! I always maintain that if you say you're on a diet, it means you are going to go back to some other kind of eating afterwards.


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