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Got to week 8 run 3 and then peroneal tendon injury :-(

Hi All,

I managed to get to week 9 of the c25k and was really enjoying it until i injured my ankle, dont remeber anything speciic happening but after finishing the last run of week 8 it was swollen and painful and was even worse the next day. Doc has said its the peroneal tendon thats injured and that i will need to rest it (no running ;-( ) for 6 weeks!!!

Im guessing il need to start back at week one by then and i am absolutley gutted. Wondering if anyone else has had similar problem/injury?

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My partner did something similar on week 8, about 4 weeks ago.

She has been doing the usual RICE (Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation) which helps.

I am an acupuncturist so have been needling it every other day (once the swelling and redness had reduced), and massaging her ankle, shin and calf.

She is using an ankle brace for support when she has to walk on it, and also been taking regular ibuprofen and an enzyme called Bromelain. But with all medicines you need to check that these are OK for you.

Soaking in epsom salt baths can also be used to reduce swelling

4 weeks on she is almost pain free but it still swells a bit at the end of the day. I imagine that it will be more than 3 weeks before she can run again. Its a bummer but if its rushed then it will only reoccur or perhaps get worse.

A physio or a decent sports therapist may help to speed things up for you.


Thanks for the reply, i have ben doing the same with The RICE and Ibruprofen. walking on it has been fine for the last week or so but walking downstairs and turning quickly on it is still painful and it is still slightly swollen at the end of the day. i think i might give the acupunture ago as had a shoulder injury after a fall a couple of years ago and that helped greatly!

Is your wife planning on going back to week 1 or will she just try and do as much as she can. i'm not sure what to do for the best? i guess starting on week one and maybe moving through th weeks a bit quicker if i am pain free is the way to go?


We talked about this and she said she would try week one 1st off just to give it a dry run.

Going to get her fitted for a proper pair of running shoes before she does start though. I did recently and it has revolutionised my running (zero knee pain and shin pain)


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