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W5R2 - right on target for 5k in 30minutes!

Set off for this run at about midday, hoping the clouds would hold as I find running in the sun really tough. I got really into the first 8 minutes and my legs were feeling really strong but I did need the full 5 minutes recovery walk. The second 8 minutes were tougher but I managed to keep the same pace roughly as the first run (easy to measure as I just run out along a road and back again - great for seeing yourself improve!).

Anyway having run out and back along this same road so many times now I'm pretty aware of all the distances. In W5R1 I covered 2.1 miles in the 21 minutes which I was soo happy with, and in these 21 minutes I covered about 2 miles. Initially I was a bit disappointed that I covered less distance despite running an extra minute but now looking back on it I'm just impressed I ran for two lots of 8 minutes at a good pace!

My aim for the 20 minute run which I'm going to do early Thursday morning (going to take a couple days rest as my calf was a little painful this evening) is to run those same 2 miles which would put me right on target pace for doing the 5k in 30mins. So very excited/a little nervous to see if I manage that. Although I guess just running for a straight 20 minutes will be an incredible achievement in itself so shouldn't focus too much on distance yet!

I played some tennis this evening and am going to try and fit in a couple of swimming sessions before my next run in the hope of making it a little easier (mm maybe a bit too wishful).

I also want to urge on all you new runners - it's around this stage if you haven't already that you will absolutely fall in love with running. The first 3 weeks were fine but I wasn't actually looking forward to my runs, and now I'm willing the sun to go away so I can get out for my run! If you're finding it tough, stick with it because the massive rush you get when you've completed each run at this stage is so uplifting. I have a smile plastered on my face for a good half hour after I've finished each run - my family think I've gone mad.

Best of luck to everyone!

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It's a wonderful feeling isn't it, enjoy your 20 mins :-)


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