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Week 1, runs 2 and 3 finished!

Had such a tough run 2 that I couldn't bring myself to write a blog. My legs were stiff and I was hobbling about for days afterwards.

But I also noticed that I really wanted to go for another run again, despite the agony. I get a massive rush after running (even if it is only 8 minutes in total!) and this has really driven me on to get out there again.

So after two days rest, I had a good run 3 tonight after work. It was hard again, but something kind of clicked and I felt kind of comfortable with the pain by the last few 60 second runs.

Bring on week 2!

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Well done for continuing, despite the discomfort. I could hardly walk downstairs between runs during Weeks 1 and 2 but I've just finished Week 3 today and only have a pleasant ache after a run. I'm sure that may change as I start to run for longer but I don't think I'll mind.

Like you I love it, and as soon as I've finished a run I can't wait to run again.

Good luck for the rest of the program!


Thanks HardleyHare, and good luck with week four :-)


i'm enjoying it too, was surprised at how buzzed i was after the first couple of runs


Well done for completing week one. I'm trailing in a little bit behind you as I've just completed W1R1. I'll be following you to see how you're getting on. Keep going!


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