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Newbie runner just completed W2R1

I'm loving this support community and the C25K program! I've lost three stone since Easter and wanted to find a way to increase my fitness. I'm a dog walker so have good legs but no aerobic activities. I started this program last Monday on my first dog walk of the day, but the dog wasn't a willing participant, it was more like resistance training than running with the breeze in my hair lol! By Friday and the third run of the week I'd ditched the dog idea and started running on the village green at 7am, I've even got one of my neighbours signed up and joining me :-). Today was the first run of week two. I felt great for the first few runs but by the last one I was tiring. I can't imagine next week with its three minute runs. How did you manage??

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I'm about to attempt Run 3 of week 3 today and I, like you, am a dog walker who ditched the dog/running combo pretty early on! She definitely had a different agenda from me. I've never been a runner, am overweight and middle aged and I struggled with Wk 2 as got terrible shin splints (new trainers and much slower running seem to have lessened the pain!) so ended up resting for a week or so and then went back to do one Wk 1 run and one Wk 2 run before attempting Wk 3. It sounds daunting but as you get a longer walk inbetween and you are only actually running for the same amount of time as in Wk 2 it's really not bad at all. If you have the motivation to lose 3 stone (wish I did!) then you can definitely do Wk 3. Have faith in yourself:) .....and now I have to practice what I preach...


Thanks so much!! I've still got five stone to lose and am hoping that this program plus aqua aerobics and the NHS Strength and Flexibility program will help me along. Fingers crossed for tomorrow mornings run! Good luck to you as well x


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