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Just found this site today but started the c25k a couple of weeks ago having yesterday completed week 2 run 3 I have always worked outside with horses I was disappointed with my current fitness level hence the program I have been combining my runs with walking the dogs (with the help of a head lamp and reflective dog jackets) and have found the first 2 weeks relatively easy completing the runs while still breathing easy tho slight problem I am experiencing is an aching in my calf muscles as I am running more so in my left calf this last week the ache never lasts after my runs tho was just wondering if thats just my muscles stretching out as I run or something else


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  • hello and welcome icewolf :) well done on getting out there and starting the program :D not sure about the calf aches ,could be your running shoes unless you have had your gait analysis done .

  • Thanks slow_rob no I haven't had my gait analysis stupid question what exactly do they look out and who does it generally??

  • we are all different apparently , they get you to run and then analysis how your foot strikes the ground etc . if you have a "sweatshop" near you or any good runners shop i guess , they will then recomment the correct type of running shoe etc :) if you look up gait analysis on google it explains much much better than me :D

  • Thanks

  • no worries :D

  • Welcome Icewolf, as Rob says, gait analysis is worth a try if you havnt already.

  • I would say it's pretty normal to have achey legs during these first couple of weeks as your body is adapting to the new activity. I wouldn't worry about it too much!

  • Are you doing any stretching before you set out ? If not, that might help ? Well done on your progress so far !

  • Hiya

    I'm on week 4 and for the first 2 weeks had quite bad shin pain. I started stretching afterwards,not before,and had gait analysis...bought new shoes and I'm fine now...my legs ache like I know I've done something but it's not actual pain anymore. I over pronate slightly and also land heavier on my left leg (the lady at the shop seems to think my left leg is slightly shorter....the pain in my left shin was worse)

    Good luck with the programme

    Barbara xx

  • Hi barbara

    That's interesting that u say u had more pain in your left leg which uses think to be slightly shorter as when I was a kid I broke my left femur and long story short my left leg is slightly shorter u wouldn't notice it to look at or even when in walk (the doc said to me almost everybody has a slight difference in leg length) so that's probably why I get more pain in the left thanks

  • It was quite interesting what she said. She asked if I'd had children...which I haven't. So I asked why. Apparently many women will balance their baby on one side...which effects the leg and hip. Also some people have tilted pelvises. I know it's common to have feet of different sizes...I have a 5 right and 4.5 left. I didn't realise that slight variations in leg length were also common!! Amazing what can effect running but very interesting as well.

  • It's normal if you're new to exercise to ache afterwards. A day's rest will set you right. Don't go too fast!

    Dog walking is great! I borrow my neighbour's dog and walk him miles.

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