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Break for holiday

Hi I'm new to this forum. I'm on week 4 of C25K, I'll be doing my second run tomorrow. I've got a holiday coming up, two weeks in hot sunny Ibiza. I should have completed week 5 by the time I go, and was wondering where to start off when I return. I don't think I'll be doing much running on holiday, Should I repeat from week 4 to get back into it?

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I'm in a similar situation, not run for nearly 2 weeks due to holiday. I had done week 4 run 1 before I went away but struggled so think I'm going to do a week 3 run to get me back into it, if you were ok with week 4 I'd be tempted to move on though x good luck and enjoy your holiday!


I really think it depends on the type of holiday you are going to have. If you keep quite active, swim, walk use the gym etc there should be no reason why you can't try where you left off. However if you are a real sunbed babe you may find it benefitial to go back and do one run of week 4 perhaps to see how you find it. There is no hard and fast rules as to how long you take to do C25K, just listen to your body and be sensible as you don't want to sustain any injury as that would be a real shame.

Hope you have a lovely holiday, don't forget the sun tan lotion.


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