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Week 5 run 2. Progress at last!

Just got in from week 5 run 2 and had to blog right away, I am so ridiculously pleased with my self. Only gone and run for 8 minutes none stop TWICE! Never thought it was possible. I was inspired by Mo Farrah and all those others who run for 10K at speed. The least I could do was a measly 8 minutes at a snails pace

Shed a tear or two when I'd done it - it was quite emotional.Grinned all the way home :)

Somehow I feel I wont be smiling after run 3 but that's another day

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If you can do 8 minutes twice you can certainly do 20 which is just the same, only joined with the interval walk! Well done and keep smiling and running :)


Well done you! I am also on week 5 and will do the 8 minute runs tomorrow. I had been putting off beginning week 5 because of the 20 min run. Realised being foolish. Did the 3 five min runs yesterday and felt good after so do understand the euphoria- hope that's me after tomorrow!


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