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I'm back!

2weeks off, a cold, chest infection (possible rabies fron highland terrier attack) & 15 hr shifts at work has kept me from running.

Decided to do week 2 run again even though I finished it, just to get back into the swing again.

Inspired by team GB I started with a vigour never seen before, this lasted for about 90 seconds then the crushing pain in my chest reminded me why I'd not been out for a while. The rest of the run was at a more modest pace but I did it, according to map my fitness only slightly slower than before.

Anyway, no dogs, no rain & only a mild heart attack at the end. I have 5 consecutive 15 hr shifts to do this week so will get back on track on Saturday, week 3 here I come, I'm back!

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Hi bro, I'm starting week 3 too on wednesday. I'm really enjoying it, but Pippin is a right slacker! x


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