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new 5k podcasts

just seen and downloaded the new podcasts thankyou to laura and co:) havent listened to them yet but how r we supposed to be using them? alternate them, just stick to one? im so confused and ive just seen the strength and flexibility ones! ive now downloaded the lot but just dont know where to begin? Ive been graduated for a few months and am still trying to do 5k within the 30 mins so know i need speed, suspect i need strength too? my stamina feels good and is always improving but my body is ten years behind it:) Any thoughts anyone?

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I suspect strength and flexibility can be done on the days you aren't running because they have to be done 3x a week for 5 weeks. There is some information on them on JR21's recent blog but it sounds as if stepping stones is for recent graduates and has some 30 minutes continuous runs on it, the speed one has alternating pace so it's interval training and the stamina one is for those who want to go faster. I've listened to some stepping stones ones and I think they're too fast for me so, although I graduated yesterday, I plan to re-run c25k running at my usual speed for the walking bits and speeding up for the running parts. That way I hope to be ready for stepping stones in another 9 weeks! :)


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