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Keep On Running!

I started my second week today! To be honest I can't believe I have stuck with it but I'm now really enjoying it. I had brain surgery last Dec and had been completely sedentary for six month, I also gave up smoking in Oct so my weight rocketed and I went up three dress sizes. I had always been active but not a gym or exercise person so I'm pleased I found this podcast which has made it really easy to follow and completely motivated. I have been doing it on a treadmill, in week one I started my first walk/run at 4.5 & 6.5 and repeated this for the second run but on the third I increased it to 5.0 & 7.0. Im applying the same speeds for this second week. I have noticed a difference and marked improvement in my mood, quality of sleep and a reduction in the cellulite on my bum! I'm lovin it. ;0)

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Well done. I'm on week 2 aswell and really enjoying it (as tough as it is!)..... I am so looking forward to seeing a reduction of my bum! :o)

Keep on running.....


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