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Keep on running - miracles can happen


Just posting this to say if I can do C25K . . .anyone can . . . The early days are tough but stick with and you won't regret it

Graduated in June 2018 just before my 61st birthday and have stuck with three 30 minute runs a week to consolidate before completing my first official 5k park run last week in 33m38sec and did Supermile last night in 9m46secs.

Not Olympic standard but one massive personal achievement. Never ever a sporty person, I was the fat school kid who was useless at sport and morphed into a flabby unsporty adult. I vowed to get fit for retirement when got to 60. Getting this far with running & losing 4 stone in weight along the way has brought many positive changes to my life.

Stay positive, you can do it.

It all begins with W1R1

Chris x x

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You are wonderful; this is so inspiring. Well done and thank you. 💐

Wow! What a wonderful story, Chris. Well done on your achievements. And look at you glow! So fit and healthy. Now THAT’S how one enters retirement in style. 👏👏👏

Wow! Amazing and very very well done! A brilliant achievement indeed, and what a lovely happy photo! 🏃‍♀️👏🥂😀🎉


Great post... newbies take note! Lovely photo too.. my favourites are Happy runners:)

Huge well done!

Christianne57Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Slow and steady was and is my mantra.

Simple but powerful.

Not just for running but for every aspect of life.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Christianne57

...and for me....rules for life:)


Thanks for sharing, you have shown what the programme can do. Also, it reaffirms to me that I have made the right choice by doing C25K and I most definitely will be sticking with the programme. Thanks again.


Very inspirational post Chris. Don’t worry about being Olympic standard... there’s nearly two years to go! 😂. You’re a champion in many ways though. 🥇


Fabulous! 👏👏👏🏅 brilliant journey and a great pic too.

Your family must be so proud of you. What an inspiration! 😁


Brilliant post and many congratulations on all your achievements, I am sure many will find this inspirational, it is difficult at the start, but persevering is well worth it

Congratulations Chris, what an inspiration to us slightly older runners & younger ones too. Keep up the good work 🥇👏🎉


Brilliant! Inspirational 👏👏👏

Wow very inspiring well done.

Thank you Chris. I am an overweight nearly 58 year old....your post has encouraged can be done.

Christianne57Graduate in reply to Amy09

Hoped to lose a few pounds at the start but having struggled with my weight (and the dreaded black dog) all my adult life, I was not confident that I could complete the program.

Pleased I was wrong! Still struggle with confidence but every run helps 😊 x

MandiV in reply to Christianne57

Thanks for sharing Christianne, it takes some doing to get there and stick at it - well done you!!


Fantastic story.

Many congratulations on your achievements.

Seem to remember you had a nasty fall in the early part of your journey and how bravely you handled that too.

Great pace you have also.

Could do with some of what you have got.💥🏃‍♀️💥👏👏

Christianne57Graduate in reply to Tbae

Yup! That was me but I'd already bought the trainers so had to keep going!

I'm still having ongoing dental work to replace my broken front teeth but not complaining as I work with two wonderfully brave ladies who are undergoing radical surgery and chemo for breast cancer right now so it puts my woes into perspective and I count my blessings x x


Well done . I have just graduated at t he age of 65 having never run before. The programme is amazing.

Christianne57Graduate in reply to Mini67

I agree wholeheartedly. It's changed me for the better both physically and mentally x x

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