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Keep Calm and Carry On Running


Hi Everybody,

I have been 'lurking' on this site for some time now, but have never made a post before. I am 65 and am not too hot with social media (can you believe I don't even have a facebook or twitter account?)

This morning I just completed my graduation run, and just had to write to say a big thank you to everyone on this forum. The help, advice and encouragement you all give has really helped me get to this point, which I never thought was possible. Special thanks to the mentors, whose words of wisdom really help.

To everyone starting out I would just like to say keep on going, C25K really works. I was that total couch potato, having spent 45 years glued to, alternately, my car seat, office chair, and sofa. Now I can run for 30 minutes, although I am only covering about 4.3 Km so far. If I can do this, so can you.

My next aim is to do some consolidation runs, and try to get up to running the full 5 Km before Christmas, when I will be forced to take a short break for medical reasons. Hopefully, next year I will feel confident enough to try a Park Run.

Once again, thanks for such a great supportive community.

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Well done @davesmith! What brilliant progress. Please, "Lurk" no more! The virtual kettle is always on and we turn a blind eye to the odd biscuit, so long as you let us know how you're getting on! (Basically, were nosey and supportive in equal measure!)

davesmithGraduate in reply to PetrinaB

Thanks PetrinaB, the virtual tea sounds good, though I do try to resist the biscuits! Now I have started, maybe I should keep up the odd post on progress.


A great post, but no need to be shy, davesmith, come on in the forum is lovely.

I do have a Facebook account but cannot cope with it's randomness. As for Twitter, isn't that just for deranged world leaders?

As you have discovered, this is a focused place that celebrates the joy of people realising their true abilities and overcoming lifetimes of self limiting thinking.

There are plenty of us in our sixties, davesmith, proving that an active and happy life can be seized and retained by us oldies.

Many congratulations on that graduation and also on the sensible planning you are making for your future running.

davesmithGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thanks Tim. You give out some great advice. I completely agree with your views on Twitter, and now I have started, maybe I should keep posting. Having just retired (well, sort of) I now have more time on my hands.


Yay congrats 🎊🎉🍾 xx



Huge congratulations!! Very well done and also congratulations on your first forum post :)

davesmithGraduate in reply to LauraLiz

Thanks LauraLiz. Now just need to get on the graduates list...

Congratulations on Graduating Dave😊..

Well done on completing this great program. Do keep posting as it may help to keep you motivated, and your plans sound just right.

Happy running Graduate.👏👏👏👏


Thanks Jan-now-runs. Will try to keep posting in future.


Aw this is such a lovely post !

Really Well done Dave , this programme is the best isnt it ?

Many Congratulations, you should be so proud of yourself ! :-) xxx

davesmithGraduate in reply to poppypug

Hi poppypug. I don't think I would ever have got to this point without C25K, and yes, I am proud. Many thanks.


Badge suits you! Well done!

Consolidation is the name of the game... keep it slow and keep it steady.. and you will be fine:) Maybe take a look at the C25K+ podcasts after a week or so too.. they are fun and may help with your stamina and speed :)

Bask in the glory and head to the Graduation party... we are a friendly bunch :)

Keep posting ?

davesmithGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks for your good advice. I have already had a look at some of the C25K+ podcasts, and will give them a go soon. Onward and upwards!


Wow! Well done! I can’t wait until I am covering “only” 4.3K you have done brilliantly 😃 I don’t do Fb or the other one either this is the first forum I’ve ever been on. Well done again!

davesmithGraduate in reply to Bridget007

Hi Bridget007. Thanks. This is certainly a friendly forum. I wish you well for the coming weeks of the program.

Yes, at the start, the thought of running for 30 minutes or for more than 4 Km seems impossible. Just stick with it, as each week really does prepare you for the next. Slow and steady (as Oldfloss keeps reminding us) and I am sure you will get there, just as I did.

Bridget007Graduate in reply to davesmith

Thank you 😊 you have done so well it really is encouraging.


No twitter or Facebook here either 🙂


That's fantastic, huge well done. 🎉🎉🎉😀

I chuckled at your comment about social media. I actually joined this forum by mistake thinking that I was downloading the C25K program at the time!! - it turned out to be the best mistake I ever made!!

Keep in touch so we can cheer for you. 😃

davesmithGraduate in reply to Elfe5

I am glad to see there are so many people not on Facebook/twitter. The media always gives the impression everybody is spending all their time there!

Thanks for the encouragement!

Congratulations well done 👍

davesmithGraduate in reply to happyhammer73

Many thanks!


Brilliant! well done you:) I am creeping up to the big 6 0 & use neither facebook or twitter either, but life still goes on without them :)

davesmithGraduate in reply to Getfitok

Thanks. Perhaps not everyone spends their lives on facebook after all (I never did see the attraction of sharing photos of my breakfast, or selfies of everywhere I have been, with everyone I know.) Let's just keep on running instead!

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