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Graduation run and the best one yet (motivated by our amazing olympians!)

Well, I've just completed week 9 run 3 and I am so happy to have graduated! I must have looked an odd sight thinking I had 10 minutes left when Laura announced only 5 minutes to go - cue me and a huge grin (and an increase in pace!). Thankfully there were no dog walkers around for me to scare!

I don't often post but get the email updates each morning and the motivation, tips and advice from this forum have been invaluable so thank you to everyone!

My enthusiasm for this program has rubbed off and at least 5 other people are now following it too! It's been the best thing for me and has fitted in perfectly with 2 young children and a husband who works shifts. I could never commit to regular work out classes or afford the gym but other than a good pair of shoes, I go out in a tatty t-shirt and leggings and an old mp3 player, so don't go using the excuse of needing expensive equipment to put you off!

So to anyone wondering whether to give it a go, DO IT! I spent 6 weeks debating whether to tackle it, not thinking I'd complete it, especially as running for 60 seconds was near impossible at the beginning. But, just trust in the program and Laura and you too will succeed!

I'm off now to download the 5k+ podcasts, what more motivation could I need?! (Oh, other than for the 1st time I mapped my route today and was a little disappointed to learn I had only managed 3.5km in 30 mins but then like Laura says, its not the distance but the time and I kept running for the whole 30 mins, 3 times over!). So thats my next aim to up the speed!

Good luck to all my fellow runners and would-be-runners! PS I loved the week 9 music, just the right change in tempo when I was flagging!

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It doesn't matter that you didn't run 5k, you have plenty of time to improve on that now you have graduated. What matters is that you ran for 30 solid minutes. Well done!!!


Fantastic, well done you :) How fab to graduate on a great run!!


Congratulations and well done. I'm excited about the new podcasts too. Good luck with moving on past graduation! :-)


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