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Today is a good day!

Morning. Tea. Sunshine - that's good. Running gear. Mindless panic increases as I set out for W5R3. It's fresh and cool outside, and as I do my warm-up walk I wonder if any other C25kers are facing the challenge at this moment. 3-2-1 and the run's started. The first bit goes ok,feel as if I'm in a bubble of concentration and determination. I have been dreading this since I found out you run 20 minutes by the end of week five. Laura's voice tells me I'm halfway there as I do my one-notch-up-from-walking jog. ( I decided that mentally I need to do this even if it's at snail's pace). It starts to get much harder, and hotter as I shuffle along. Talk to me, Laura! 15 mins done. The last 2 minutes of the run were a killer, but I couldn't let Laura down.

...I DID IT! Looked an apparition of sweaty, frizzy-haired, red-faced horror, I'm sure, but I didn't care,walked on air back up the hill and home to share the joyful news, have water, shower, coffee, breakfast! Today is a good day. Here's hoping it went well for anyone else attempting runs today. Let's cheer each other on!

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Ah well done, I have that run coming up this week and I'm kind of dreading it but secretly quite excited to see if I can manage it. Good luck with week 6!


Great to hear it went well, gives me lots of encouragement!! I just did W5R2 this morning and it went great (well better than W5R1 anyway) and I'm actually very EXCITED about R3 - why? I just can't wait to wipe the smirks off hubby and uni student daughter when I tell them I can run for 20 mins!!! Oh what joy that will be...

Keep up the good work!


Well done Soozz! It's a great run to have under your belt. I've found the last two runs (or maybe the weather) have left me a little underwhelmed. Sounds like you had a great run. :) Keep it up!


Thanks, everyone! I swear if I get through the programme, it'll all be down to the fantastic support on this blog site. And Laura, of course! Just did W6R1 which I was a but apprehensive about, as in the poll a lot of people said it was the hardest run!!! It wasn't easy esp when I ran out of pavement and had to run back up an incline, arggghhhh! But it's over, hoooray. Now for an idle couch-ey Sunday watching our brillan Olympians. Such heroes!


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