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I’ve made some sort of breakthrough!

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I haven’t had the best couple of weeks what with a week of gout and an extremely busy and stressful time at work, my running has been ok at the very best. So this morning I set of to do a 50 minute run which I really wasn’t looking forward to. The toxic 10 was awful but I suddenly found my stride and before I knew it I was off with a great pace (for me) I could feel that I was running better than ever before and felt great so in my delirium I thought I would take a different route and tackle some hills! Anyway long story short, I am not ready for hills and had to stop at 5k, but I absolutely smashed my PB by around 5 minutes. I had a pretty hard uphill hike to get back to the car after that as well. Not sure how that happened other than I left it a bit later than normal to go for my run and I had a banana before I went. Pretty stoked though 😎

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5 minutes off your PB?!? That’s excellent. Sorry to hear that things have been tough recently, hopefully all will improve. Totally with you on the toxic ten - it’s awful!

That’s amazing, hills are horrible things that have to be tackled to make us stronger 😀😂😀

You deserve days like today buddy. Well done mate. You are Mr Resilient and you are going places. Have a celebration tonight mate.

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Must have been the 🍌🍌and the sunshine . Congratulations on the pb🥳

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Wow, sounds like you had a great run. Well done.

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Great stuff - shame about the view though. Must be tough running with blue skies and a sea view.. 🤣🤣🤣

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RigpigGraduate in reply to Fionamags

It’s depressing 😂😂😂

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Gout, same here, took me out the game last week, but it served to remind me how much I miss running now...

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RigpigGraduate in reply to Snodrop

Mine is improving, I don’t want to take a permanent medication for it so trying to get fit and healthy instead. I don’t seem to have a single trigger though so cutting things out or cutting down one by one.

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SnodropGraduate in reply to Rigpig

Had gout since age forty ( actually on birthday) but its only occasional now, narrowed it down for me to red meat , stress and dehydration and over the years have tried different meds too but know its different for everyone. Horrible thing to have but sounds like you are smashing the running , keep on going....! ( theres a forum called goutpal thats ok)

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RigpigGraduate in reply to Snodrop

Thanks, I’ve had it a long time as well but I’ve only ever had one excruciating episode, the rest are just debilitating and sore. They make me limp so obviously can’t run but It does seem to be getting better. Have been looking for a good forum so will give that a try 👍

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Sounds fantastic, Rigpig. Beautiful photo too.

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Looks lovely! Well done on the run and congrats on the PB 🏅😁

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