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Week 5 run 3 - how moody did the thought of this make me!!

I'm not sure what happened to my mood today, I know I have been fretting about this 20 min run but why? What was the worse that could happen....... I wouldn't do it and would have to try again! Let's get this into perspective, no one was going to get hurt!!!

So I covered my blisters from new trainers with plasters and set off to pick up my running partner, my Mum. When she got in the car we just looked at each other and grinned (or grimmaced) no words were needed!!

We set off with 5 min walk and then the time came, we dreaded it! I think on the first few steps every bone creaked, here we go!!!

The first 5 mins I struggled with my breathing but it soon sorted out, second 5 mins seemed quite comfortable but went on forever! I really could have given up between 10 and 15 mins, Mum was so encouraging telling me to slow the pace and try and keep going! Before I knew it Laura told me we'd managed 15 mins, there was no way I was giving up now!! Next thing 18 mins, 2 left, I feel amazing, I knew I was going to make it!! At the end I was so, so proud of us both!! To think I couldn't even complete W1 R1, I had to do that twice!!!

To anybody setting out on this, you really can do it!! This plan is amazing! To get me to run for 20 mins is something I never thought would or could happen!! This plan really does something to you! I'm loving it!! Bring on W6!!!!

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Well done, Great isn't it! Made me smile all day. :-)


That could be me writing that blog! It's exactly what happened to me and I'm now on week 8 run 2! Well done and carry on, It's amazing. xxx


Fantastic, well done. I am doing W5R3 tomorrow and I'm scared! Even kept myself awake worrying about it. It just seems such a quantum leap from 8 mins' run twice with 5 walking between.... You must feel really proud!


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