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Week 5, Run 2 - ran out pavement

Well I bodged that up.

Believe it or not my lovely flat road has a slight incline - shocker! I've only recently discovered this terrible fact now that my runs are getting a wee bit longer. On my last runs, this ever so slight slope almost finished me off! Today I decided to turn around early to avoid this evil slant.

The first eight minutes went well, I must've turned around at around 6 minutes, I think. But then I wasn't expecting the long 5 minute walk in between - I was back to the dead crow before I knew it (it's still there, strangely fresh and uneaten). I turned around again, heading off as if I'd just started (weird how I got a bit of an energy boost as I felt like I was starting from scratch) then turned around again after a few more minutes.

I judged it poorly yet again and literally ran out pavement, I found myself jogging on the spot in the layby by my car, I must've looked like a complete loon, desperately hoping for the 8 minutes to finish. Eventually I just stopped, without Laura's permission and no cool down 5 minute post run walk. I just got in the car.

A mini fail. All over the place. I need a new route!

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Route planning is the most difficult part of this whole challenge. I have just started and on the first one my husband and i found ourselves starting up a steep hill, darn that detour to get emergency sugar for the diabetic. That was not even the worst part we suddenly found that by the next run we were on the really steep slope down to the beach. Poor Laura was put on pause twice to ensure we did not perform an amazing forward stunt-roll.

Much to our amazement at the end of the run we faced the walk back up the very steep cliff, it was like climbing Everest, and Laura's best efforts were not helping.


He he! I new route definitely needed :)


Route planning is hard. My 'round the block' run means I have to cross 8 roads, two of which are major A roads at busy roundabouts. I've started scouting out new routes on my day off, after a disaster of a run when I realised that what I thought was a nice straight track had gates and stiles and things, which really put me off!

The other thing I have noticed is that when you sail along a road in a car, you have no idea how hilly it is! These 'slight inclines' can turn into long drags, and the short sharp hills can feel like the north face of the Eiger :)

Keep going - you can do it!


Changed my route twice this week to adapt to the longer runs. It's quite startling how far you can get even at my habitual snail's pace. Not quite sure what to do tomorrow (W5R3) as the bit I used for the 5 min walk interval walk yesterday is quite a slope, arrrggghhh! OK for walking but not the middle (or any ) part of the 20 min run. It's so flipping' hilly round here! Anyway it'll be a miracle if I make it to 20 minutes.

That dead crow is obviously a totem for your C25K runs, weird that it's still there after all these weeks. When you graduate, it'll suddenly disappear!

Good luck with that big, scary W5R3 - whenever you do it in the next few days.


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