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Jumping back to W 5 after failing on W 9

After the fail attempts to run for 30 minutes on more than one or two lucky occasions, I decided to re-start the programme at week 5 today. This and the following week are the ones with three different runs for each day. I liked the change and this will bring me (or I hope it will) quickly up to running more than 20 minutes again.

I also changed up the route and went a bit criss-cross around the village. But it was fun! It was slowly getting darker and I was running along the lake where I could barely see the ground - but I enjoyed it and didn't think "Oh I could trip!" for a second. I think I ran farely fast for my standards (7:50/km) and I covered 3,9 km instead of the 3,1 on the first try. But then I wasn't going for distance at all.

Funny fact: When I did this run for the first time, I went out at the same time after work too.

It was a very good run and this makes me confident that it was a good idea to go back to one of the earlier weeks.

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I think you're probably doing the right thing if it is making running more enjoyable. It shouldn't be ALL hard work - even if the best bit is finishing, there should be moments of joy, or at least satisfaction, while you're running. Keep having FUN :-)


Going out these days felt like 80% work and 20% fun. I hope to move the fun-percentage up a lot with the variety of the week 5/6 runs! ;)


I've got the same problem - I ran 28 minutes quite happily 3 times, got to week 9, stitch on run 1 after about 20 mins, so walked for a bit. Managed to repeat it with a friend dragging me round, but wanted to walk after 10 mins. W9 R2 was awful and all I now want to do is have walk breaks. It's purely mental and I know it, but might do the same thing as you and just go for one of the shorter runs again to get my confidence back up. It just feels like an awful slog at the moment and I'm hating every minute of it. Bringing the fun back sounds like a very good idea!!!


Same here. I started to stuggle at week 7, when the real long runs began. I hope the variety will get the fun back into exercise and I can make it to week 9 this time.

I know it's a mental thing too! But I still can't help it.

Good luck with the run, I hope you manage to get the fun back too!


And yes, I did like the variety in week 5 and 6!


I think you're doing the right thing too & well done for not giving up. I don't think any exersize programme is going to work very well if you don't enyoy at least some of it, good luck with future weeks.

I'm in a similar position, I managed to graduate & completed quite a few 30 min runs, then I got annoyed as I was only covering 3.5k in the 30 mins so I pushed myself really hard & ended up putting myself off completely. I missed about 5 weeks (and stared eating crisps & chocolate again - doh!) & have now had to go back several weeks. I did wk6 run 1 this morning & really enjoyed it so I'm feeling much more postive again (although my legs do ache a bit ). I can't believe I was disappointed at the end of one run to have "only" managed 4K when at the beginning I found the 90 seconds tough! I guess it's like dieting, slower, steady progress is probably more sustainable than trying to do too much too quickly. Here's hoping I can re-graduate before I go back to work in September!


But hey, at least you graduated! Sad to hear you overdid it afterwards, but I think I would go back a few weeks too instead of pushing through the 30 minutes each time and not feeling good doing it.

Good luck with the re-graduation!


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