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I'm enjoying the week 3 runs

I completed my second run of week 3 and really enjoyed it this morning. I felt comfortable when running and enjoyed the 15-minute walk home afterwards. I didn't feel so desperately in need of a drink today, because I worked hard to breath in through my nose (I'm usually a mouth breather). I'm keeping on trying to use 'belly breathing', but it takes concentration.

My challenge for the next 10 days will be trying in to fit in the training runs. I and a friend are undertaking a '10 hills in 10 days' walking challenge and will be walking for anything from 5km for a short hike to 16km / 1300m of ascent on our 'epic' hill days. I'll be juggling the runs to fit around the shorter hill days. I'll need to squeeze in the yoga sessions too, because I know that hillwalking - like running - really tightens my hamstrings.

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