ducks :D

I am new to this and an unfit 48 whose not run since school. Two kids, asthma and surviving cancer later, here I am. I have thought about doing this for a while and finally stepped out for the first time last week.

Ive just come in from w1r1 version2! I didn't feel ready for week 2 so decided to repeat week 1.

I managed to complete all the runs this morning including the 6th 60 seconds which was my nemesis as it's (very) slightly up hill.!!

Rewarded by seeing ducks flying over :D feeling happy and next Sunday hopefully I will be ready to embark on week2!!


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  • Hey well done! Sounds like it was a lovely run :)

  • Well done and welcome!

  • Welcome aboard Tortoise !

    Well done ! Keep going , youre doing great ! :-)

    Keep posting as it will really help with focus and motivation .

    Good on ya ! :-) xxx

  • That is excellent! Running is a great way to challenge yourself and already u r on to week 2! Keep up the great effort, even the ducks were impressed! Julie

  • Thankyou for all your replies and support!

  • Well done for getting started. Just take it at your own pace and keep plugging away - you'll get there. You're off that couch!

  • Well done. I began recently too, it is a challenge, but you get hooked.

  • Well done! It's such a good thing to do and now you're started you won't look back \ o/

  • Tort, well done!

  • Well done! Welcome to the programme and to the forum - you can do it! So much respect :)

  • Welcome T0rtoise! So glad you are enjoying the running, just take it at your own pace, the programme is a lot of fun and really empowering. Good user name too, though one you may have to keep explaining as you get faster ;-)

  • I am so suprised and touched that so many people have wished me well and written encouragement. I have to keep doing this run thing now because of you lot!! Thank you :D

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