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Yay! Laura says she thinks I can consider myself a runner! Week 6 Run 3 done!

It wasn't easy, but I managed 25 solid minutes of running today. Not far - I must be very, very slow because Mapometer says I only did 2.91km, but I can build on this later. I would never have thought that I would be able to run for 25 minutes non-stop.

On to Week 7 - I can see that shiny green Graduate badge in the distance :)

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Way to go!!


Sorry for the delay in responding - I seem to have missed a newsletter. Thank you - it was a great feeling! not quite so great today, when Week 7 Day 1 was a real slog, but at least I knew I could do it!


well done! This run felt amazing for me too what an achievement!


Thank you! Sorry for the delay in responding. I'm just not quite sure why another 25 minutes today wasn't easy! Hope your next one is good too.


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