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Well after dithering for a few days I finally got myself sorted and did my first day today. Being honest I can't say I enjoyed it but I didn't expect it to be easy. I'm in my late 40's, overweight and don't exercise. Eleven weeks ago I joined Weight Watchers and have been successful with that so far but know I need to step up my activity. I'm trying a few different activities to try and find something I like.

Back to the run. Almost managed the whole thing. The last three "runs" were only about 50 seconds each, rather than the full 60 seconds. Hopefully next time I'll manage all of them. At this stage I can't even imagine running for 20 minutes.

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Ohh you sound just like me when I did my first run... and tonight I've just run the whole 20 mins! Just believe in the plan and you'll do it...


Glad you finally convinced yourself to go! Well done on how much you managed to do - definitely tough and not necessarily fun at first (actually - tell the truth, I wouldn't call it fun even now at week 7, but I'm enjoying it more!)

I struggled making the steps up to the progressing weeks, and even just completing the same runs more than once, but I ran for 25 minutes this morning (W7R1 - technically W6R3 is 25m but I didn't manage it, had to walk up a hill half way round, which i managed to conquer today).

Good luck on your next run, and keep us up to date!


Well done for getting out the door and starting! It isn't easy but so rewarding! You will see! Keep posting!


Well done, UKDana - I started yesterday, too! I only managed about half the first session, but hoping to do a bit more tomorrow. Keep going, girl :)


Well done for getting started


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