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Doh.. Congestion but 3 new PB's

Doh.. Congestion but 3 new PB's

It's tough living in the country... look at the congestion I have to put up with! Where's the mint sauce when you need it??? Luckily, I was on my cool down when I got held up. :-)

I'm not about PB's, probably because I'm a slow plodder... but was pleased to get 3 new PB's tonight (1K, 1 Mile & 5K) only a few seconds off each.. but at least in the right direction. I think my long slow 7.5-10k runs each weekend are starting to pay off for the shorter runs. Well happy :-)

Happy running peeps :-)

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Hmmmm lamb kebabs spring to mind :D

You are definitely more rural than me ,our sheep are all behind fences haha

Well done on the PB's Andy :D hard work always pays off, a PB is a PB :D


Ha ha Oh Andy , " wheres the mint sauce when you need it " made me laugh so much !

Tee Hee ! :-D

Hey , Well done on your 3 PB's ! Youre smashing records all over the place arent ya ?

Good stuff Andy, a big pat on the back for you xxx


Nice work on the PBs Andy! And beautiful photo - what a wonderful place to run.


Oh that reminds me of home!! Well done on your personal bests.


Nice photo Andy. Baaaaaahhhhhh :D

Well done on your PBs.

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Ha ha Zev, that's funny ! :-) xxx


Aaaah poor sheepies!!!! Ha ha!!! Nice photo! Could you not hurdle them?!

Well done on your improvements. Good to hear you think your longer runs are helping. :)


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