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I've finished! W9R3 done!

To coin a phrase... I simply can't believe it!

At first I didn't tell anyone I was doing this programme in case I failed to complete it. And when I think how I was struggling with running for ten minutes only a few weeks ago...

The 30mins is still really hard work, and I'm no-where near the 5k mark. But an increase in pace/distance is my next target. That and cracking the hills when I run in the countryside.

Thank you everyone for the brilliant supportive posts and informative questions - I couldn't have done this without you all. This programme and community is terrific.

Oh, and... please may I have my badge?

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Major congrats!! Do you know what you're going to do next?


...try to keep running! that's the biggest challenge.

I plan to continue with three 30mins runs a week in town and hopefully work my way up to the full 5k. When I'm running in the countryside I'll do one of the earlier podcasts with some running and walking, to try and improve my ability to manage those pesky hills!


Congratulations! Well done :)


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