Couch to 5K

W9R3 Finished finished finished finished! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!?!?!?!

There once was a girl called Jo

Running was definitely her foe

But this programme she found

With Laura’s soothing sound

With a goal to achieve don’t you know

So on with week one she went

Wondering what on earth Laura meant

When she said “start to run”

This didn’t seem like fun

The walking was definitely heaven sent

Onwards and upwards she progressed

Blogging as she went along no less

The rewards were great

And positive her state

Of mind, as she left behind her stress

Well the thanks go to those who supported

Who cheered and consoled and created

A network of care

And a place you can bare

Your worries and fears when they started

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who gave their time, effort and care to help support me. At times I found this really hard and felt really alone and knew if I came on here I would find someone to give me a virtual hug, tell me that I wasn’t alone and that I could do this.

And do you know what, I can do this. I could do it, did do it and can do it.

I know I’ve a long way to go before I look like one of the countless runners who run past me in the mornings making it look way too easy but I want to carry on with this.

9 weeks ago I struggled on the 60 second week 1 runs and did wonder how on earth I was going to do this but so many of you had said the same things and had your lovely green badge that I thought to myself ‘you’ve got legs and you’ve got your health’ when many people don’t so get out there and just do it :)

Your kind words meant such a lot and you were always there to give me a kind word. I feel like I know so many of you even though I’m sat behind a computer screen. It’s been a pleasure to share some of your journeys with you and hope that long may this continue. I will continue to come on here and stay in touch.

Im starting to turn into Gwyneth Paltrow blubbering away with my Oscar :)

This has been such a journey and I hope it’s just the start. My Race for Life is on 7th July and I’m really hoping to run the whole 5k. Wish me luck.

Thank you again :)



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Oooo, Jo is a GRADUATE Star!

We're glad that she's gotten this far!

C25Kers are great,

In the forum they wait,

To support and encourage ... Hurrah!

So delighted to hear of your success and achievement :D

The journeys for many are difficult, lonely and sometimes painful ... But eventually we do get through! You got through! Congratulations to you! Now enjoy a spell of celebration, wallow in pride and then get back out there for RfL and other post grad challenges.

Hope your badge is posted soon. Lots of luck for the rest of your life as a runner :)

Cheers, Linda x


Thank you Linda. You have been such a help to me - its been very much appreciated. You have always known what to say with a kind word, or a piece of advice or suggesting a different way of doing things. This forum is such a lifeline:) Waiting for my badge (but not very patiently:) ....) x


Dear Jo(who's 37). That's as amazing news. Just have to add my congrats to your achievement. You deserve it cos you stuck at it. You're right about the incredible journey - from week1 where we all huffed and puffed and felt brilliant cos we ran a FULL minute. Even then though , our bodies were saying "thank you" for starting to get fitter!

Wanna see that badge soon. I'm well jel. I'm almost there with 4 runs to go.

Keep running!



Congratulations! Love your post! I too am 37 and just graduated, it is quite amazing to think how far we've come. Every week was a challenge, albeit an exciting one but we did it and now we can call ourselves runners, woohoo!!

Happy running! :)


You did it - yay! :) We started this journey at more or less the same time and whilst i've had a few hiccups along the way you've gone out there every other day and stuck to the plan even on days you didn't want to - you should be so proud. Hey you even achieved RPD before graduation!! I look forward to seeing your shiny green badge on future blogs. Let us know how you get on with the Race for Life. Good luck and keep running! :) x


It was tough this morning I wont lie. I think I go through periods of time where my energy bank is just really low. I think I need to focus now on my energy levels, eating better and slowly getting stronger. Ive packed my running stuff for my hols next week so I hope I can get a couple of days running in whilst I'm there:) Thank you for your comments. x


I'm just starting to run

Age 55 it seems tough

Take the smooth with the rough

Am I determined enough?

People like you make it fun

You show how it's done

Feel the medal pinned right now it's gold

You will make the 5k

July ain't far away

Your joining the fold

Of runners, who run, 'cause the can

now they know how it's done

Run away

and play


Ive just seen my graduate badge. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!



its shiny! :)


Wont be long before you get yours. Its kinda weird to see it there! Like all of a sudden I now know what im doing and should be able to impart wisdom on those who are just starting! I dont know if i have any wisdom and dont feel like I am good enough to give advice lol. I know ive a long way to go. Im still really slow but Ive shown I can run for more than 30 minutes in one go which I couldnt do only a short time ago. I can build on this now and eat better and build my strength up.


Sound advice and encouragement isn't always about what you're doing, it's about what you've done and your journey and experiences on the way ... you've got plenty already and your knowledge base will gradually increase. You are already an inspiration to others a little way behind you! Lovely shiny badge - suits you :)


Do you know that there was this woman who used to come on here a short while back - she didn't really believe that she had it in herself and she didn't think she would ever be able to call herself a runner.

yes it's tough & yes it takes grit an determination, yes she gets her aches and pains but above all else - she went out there week in week out - she went out and nailed her sessions - and even just yesterday, those pesky gremlins were still on at her .....

Well this morning, exactly as she said she would - she went out & did her graduation run & now she is wearing the badge with pride... and it really does suit her.

So a huge well done - you certainly deserve it. Good luck for race for life - I know that you will do it - and do it in style.

Happy Running


Congratulations on your graduation! And look at that shiny new badge! great blog, too :)


Well done on your graduation, you deserve to be pleased. Now you are able to start inspiring others. All the very best.


Oh I missed this post ! Congratulations on your graduation. What a fab blog. Wishing you many more runs full of happiness. Well done ! X


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