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Week 6 Runs 1 & 2

After the euphoria of running continuously for 20 mins in W5 R3 these 2 runs feel a bit strange as if no real progress is being made. By now though I've learned to trust the plan and know the pace and intervals of these two must be for a reason - think all will be revealed when I attempt W6 R3 tomorrow and hopefully run for 25 mins for the first time!!!

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I think the progress must come form the brisk walks in between the running - in total the time you are running+brisk walking is an increase on the 20 minutes running. Saying that I've just done week 6 run 1 - was a shock to the system stopping and having to start again!


Yes I agree, the stopping & starting is harder in some ways as it breaks the rhythm. Think you've hit the nail ellerunner, these interval runs are to build on stamina - we have to trust the programme.

Hope the run goes well avagomo, please do keep us posted - I've got this one to do this week (weirdly looking forward to it!).


Did W6R3 Monday morning - not half as bad as expected though found first 5 mins hard. When I'd done the 25mins I felt so good and carried on a bit further so ran for about 28-29 mins!! Sure you'll do ok if you've managed the rest of the plan so far, good luck!


Well done, ellerunner! I did W6R1 today and, for some strange reason, found it harder than W5R3. 25 mins to look forward too. I just knew Laura was up to something!


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