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knees are in agony

did wk 6 r1 yesterday, but knees are so sore after an hour or so tried doin the frozen peas thing with them but it doesnt help am havin to take painkillers even b4 bed, they feel tight and really are sore to the touch, its the side of the kneecap where the pain is, i dont want to stop running have come so far, but will i end up doin more damage if i continue, on the rest day they are still hurting but the day of my run they dont seem as bad so i just go out and do it then am in agony for the next two days, dont know wot to do, ....:(

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Yes on W1 my knees where the same as you.I did not listen to my body and pushed myself thru the pain and ended up doing some Major Damage,For three weeks i was on pain meds and had to where Neoprene Knee Supports and was told by my Dr to keep them on all day and off at bedtime for the next 3 weeks which just ended Friday i am know going for walks three times a day and doing a lot of self massage and stretching and i would say there about 90% healed i see my Dr next Monday the 6th and if he gives me the go then i am off to buy the proper shoes for my type of GAIT and restart the program and this time i will push myself but not kill myself till i get in better shape.

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it is so easy to do yourself some damage if you dont listen to your body. I know, from previous experience with my knee. I overdid it & had to take a month off running because I ran on a knee that was kniggly, thinking that it just needed to be "warmed" up & then it would be better.

my advice would be to have a few more rest days & not to run until walking & going up & down stairs (this hurt me more than walking) isnt painful at all, then take it nice & easy.

I also wore once of those tube bandages from my calf to middle thigh to help take the pressure off my knee.

& dont forget to try & keep your leg raised if you can ~ it takes the pressure off the knee.

& one last thing ~ gait analysis if you havent done so already. it is amazing how a new pair of trainers, that suit your running style, can make so much difference.

good luck X


thank you, i will have a few more rest days and yes walkin up and down the stairs is a killer


Just finished the first C25K program. Had the same problem when I started running. My Doctor put me on a prescription called Mobic. He said it was like taking 4 Advil. He also sent me to a place called Run-On to be fitted for running shoes. That has been the true game changer. I no longer need the medicine just the correct shoes solved my problem.


thank u,


I suffered with a sore knee around week 3, after running I would take a couple of ibuprofen, apply frozen peas and keep it raised but in the end I had to give in and rest it as it wasn't getting any better. The thing that helped the most was investing in a decent pair of running shoes after gait analysis. Took a few weeks for the damamge I'd already done to ease but my knee doesn't cause me any problems anymore.


thank u, i didnt even know there was such a thing as gait analysis,


I suffered with my knees at the end of week 3, really should have listened to them, had to take 3 weeks out, listen early and have a few days off and you'll be running sooner.

Also if it hurts going up and down stairs, then would definitely recommend a rest and when you restart in your new trainers, I would recommend warm down stretching.

I know how it feels when all you want to do is your new found running, but you'll be back out soon. Take care.


thank you really appreciate everyone's advice, hopefully will be able to finish the programme after giving my knees a rest..


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